Who is Grassroots Cricket

Grassroots cricket is a not-for-profit organisation harnessing the power of cricket to help transform young lives in vulnerable communities of Zimbabwe by providing life coaches, life skills and essential support.

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all children are equal and have access to the opportunities to fulfill their potential.

With your support, Grassroots Cricket is able to put Cricket Equipment in the hands of disadvantaged children throughout Zimbabwe and into the future Africa

You donations in cash or kind will ensure Grassroots Cricket reaches more kids in the communities we work. For example $250 will pay school fees for 3 children for the whole year.

Our Approach

How do we aim to transform lives?

Cricket and sport in general provide an opportunity for Africa’s children to transform their lives. We are looking for support from cricket lovers and players to use sport to produce meaningful change.

This is the case in Zimbabwe where drought, economic mismanagement and the current global pandemic make it especially difficult for disadvantaged children to get a head start in life.

All our cricket programs have three stumps to guard.


— Off Stump

Development of Community Coaches with both an understanding of the game of cricket but also a social sensitivity and awareness to ensure that the game produces appropriate social benefits as well as cricket skills. 


— Middle Stump

Introduction of life skills training to complement the development of sporting skills. This training should include issues such as social values, respect for human dignity, gender equality, dangers of substance abuse, sexual reproductive health for adolescents.  This focus enables youngsters to develop leadership skills


— Leg Stump

Development of out-of-school teenage mothers’ sport and education program. Teenage mothers without enough education struggle to get jobs in a struggling economy with high unemployment. They need more time to learn and develop confidence.

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